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Web Design
and Management

What makes a web site work?

Easy Navigation - 
No more than 2-3 clicks 
away from anything you 
want to find

Accessibility - 
With nevermt.com your
customers or audience be
able to find you. 

Compatibility - 
Even the guy with the old 486
should be able to view your
web site.

Legibility - 
No garbled backgrounds, weird type or dark type over, dark type. Good design means
good communication and legibility.

Originality - 
You don't have to be a clone.
(e-mail me if you remember that creepy
certain Twilight Zone episode on the

Retention - 
Keep them coming back again and again and again.

Not too many cookies, 
bells or whistles 

(unless they are in a cookie 
jar with chocolate chips)



Web Sites 
That Work
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nevermtbottom.jpg (6347 bytes)
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